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  • We are E & I and C & I - Controctor # system integration for public sectors (Like HPCL, BPCL, IOCL etc.) to
    EPC Controctor trougth L&T AST Honnywell etc.
  • Our scope include design engineering, Equipment Supply, Erection, commissioning and Handover of E & I and C & I projects.
  • Zone #IIA, #IIB equipment supply, installation and commissioning for terminal automation system.
  • Water Treatment plant in various water sector supply and commissioning of valves, Actuators, Pressur guage, Panel board, flow meter etc.
  • Assembly, installation and calibration of metering a skid for ETHANOL, Bio-Diesel in TAS.
  • FLP-WP-local control station (It's used for truck safty ensure when the gantry filling).
  • Local Control Station (tank dack area for ROSOV and MOVS push button operation).
  • Digital Fire Clock System.


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ETHANOL Blending Skid

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Bio-Diesel Blending Skid

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Control Panel Board

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Control Valve

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EX-Proof Electrical Actuator


A Metering Skid is the solution for full custody transfer of your fuel to your customer. This system is designed to deliver the fuel at your determined flow rate and is compliant with all standard Local and Federal Codes for fuel handling. Your Metering Skid can accomplish the fuel loading in a safe efficient manner to the truck via top or bottom access fill point and can be designed and made to operate manually or fully automated.

We are also able to integrate loading arm supports into the platform supports which eliminated the need for separate supports and foundations for the loading arms. Overall, because of our innovative design features and modular construction, our projects come in well under budget and on time.


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Digital Fire Clock Indication System

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Digital Fire Clock Indication System Night View


We have developed DIGITAL FIRE CLOCK System will be use at PLANT PERMISES. It will be replaced on the MANUAL FIRE CLOCK. Manual fire clock used at the plant side when make an emmergency inside plant location and shown on the display on the "MANUAL FIRE CLOCK and Clock Indication stay on the DISPLAY LOCATION ". But our DIGITAL CLOCK will be show automatically detectthe FIRE LOCATION inside the Plant area along with water stock and hydrand pressure and Display automatically and scorlling on this Display unit.

Example FIRE AT LOCATION NAME. Our system has cottected through GPS BASED along with DIGITAL FIRE CLOCK. It has connected a temperature sensor, GPS ANTENNA and RX and TX Module based. Display has connect with 2 core DAT cable. SMPS Power supply 230 Volt/12 Volt DC operated.


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